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Boomerangart Collection

Acrylic on Linen
125 x 157 cm

Cat.No: 4003

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Emily Kame Kngwarreye

/ Boomerangart Collection

/ Cat.No: 4003

This painting was sold on 4 May 2007 by Patrick Torres (Grandson of Minnie Pwerle and son of Barbara Weir) in the presence of Barbara Weir (Minnie Pwerle's daughter) to Boomerang Art.

The painting was given by Emily Kame to Patrick in 1993 as a present. Emily stayed regularly in Patrick's and Barbara's place since they are relatives (Emily was Barbara Weir's aunt).

During the Sydney Olympics Patrick gave on loan the painting to his brother Fred Torres, owner of Dacou Gallery, for exhibition purposes. There is a stamp of the Dacou Gallery on the back of this painting that relates to this.

I have never displayed this painting but kept it in storage. The painting will be supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity of Boomerang Art and there are photos showing Barbara Weir as well as Patrick Torres with the painting.

Above information is provided on the back of the Certificate as a Declaration which has been signed by myself, Barbara Weir and Patrick Torres.