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Boomerang Art Collection

Acrylic on Linen
160 x 200 cm

Cat.No: 7748

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Walala Tjapaltjarri

/ Boomerang Art Collection

/ Cat.No: 7748


Walala painted this very large piece some 30 km's north of Alice Springs in a quiet area of the bush away from all the hassle at his place over a period of several days. 

Dreaming of the Tingari Cycle:

Walala is well known for his paintings of the Tingari Cycle. The Tingari Cycle, an important Dreaming for the Pintupi Aboriginal people, is a series of sacred and mythological song cycles which describe the epic journey of the Ancestors in the Dreamtime (Tjukurrpa) as they travelled through the land creating particular sites and teaching Aboriginal law.

In 1996, encouraged by his brother Warlimpirrnga, Walala developed his own unique and boldIly graphic style of painting, moving from the classic Tingari style of circle-and-line painting to a minimalist style characterised by rectangles set against a monochromatic background. In his paintings he incorporates many Dreaming sites which represent significant rockholes, water soakages, sandhills, landforms and ceremonials sites found in the Gibson Desert.


The Tingari (Tingarri) cycle in Australian Aboriginal mythology embodies a vast network of Aboriginal Dreaming (tjukurpasonglines that traverse the Western Desert region of Australia (Graham 2002). Locations and events associated with the Tingari cycle are frequently the subject of Aboriginal Art from the region (Perkins & Fink 2000).