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Boomerang Art Collection

Acrylic on Linen
148 x 208 cm

Cat.No: 3541

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Barney Campbell Tjakamarra

/ Boomerang Art Collection

/ Cat.No: 3541

Barney was born in c. 1928 and died in 2006.


This painting was one of the last one's Barney did. As usual he came into my place in Alice Springs and between hospital visits he painted this work as usual sitting on the painting and singing to the brush strokes. 

As a senior law man and elder, Barney earned the right to paint the Tingari Cycle stories. These song cycles or creation stories form part of the teachings of initiated youth and provide the basis for contemporary customs.

Many of the stories relate to the sacred sites around the Lake MacDonald area. These stories are creation stories and tell of the epic journey of the ancestors, the Tingari Men and Women who travelled through the land in the Dreamtime (Tjukurrpa) creating particular sites and teaching Aboriginal law.

Barney’s paintings are held in several private and corporate collections and have been exhibited throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.