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Waral Waral

Acrylic on Canvas
80 x 118 cm

Cat.No: 2028

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Patrick Olodoodi

/ Waral Waral

/ Cat.No: 2028

Patrick Olodoodi is a Western Desert artist and was born in c. 1935. In the eighties he worked with Balgo Hills Aboriginal artists whilst living in the remote place of Jupiter Well at the Canning Stockroute. He was exhibited in a number of galleries in Australia, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia. He is featured in some publications as well and his Bibliography can be found in Johnson, V., 1994, The Dictionary of Western Desert Artists.

This painting depicts some of the country of Patrick's father and grandfather. This country is located far to the south of Balgo in The Great Sandy Desert and is known as Waral Waral. The top of the white central area represents two small tjumu, or soacwaters. These were created in the Dreamtime by two snakes. These snakes were travelling south through the country, leaving their tracks which formed the hills of the area. That's how the artist tells the story and the painting shows the hills, water sources and the talis, which dominate the landscape of this country.