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My Country

Acrylic on Linen
122 x 152 cm

Cat.No: 10081

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Janie Kulyuru Lewis

/ My Country

/ Cat.No: 10081

Janie Kulyuru was born in 1967 and is an incredibly talented . Her father’s Country is Aparatjara, Western Australia and her mother’s Country is Watarru, South Australia. After attending school in Adelaide, Janie moved to Amata to live with her family. Before coming to work at Tjala Arts, Janie specialised in batik, working under the umbrella of Tjurma Homelands Arts and Craft Centre. Janie paints her Country and sometimes paints her mother’s creation story Tjukurpa Waru (Fire Story). She paints at Tjala Arts alongside her sister Muna Kulyuru.