Women's Ceremony
Acrylic on Linen
123 x 180 cm
Cat.No: 1657

 This great painting by Minnie Pwerle was done in her daughters place in Alice Springs in 2005. It was painted on quality linen with bright colours. The painting is titled Awelye.

In 1999, after many years of ceremonial body painting and in her late eighties, Minnie Pwerle started to paint on Linen and Canvas. Painting traditional body paint designs of Awelye and her inherited Bush Melon Dreaming, Minnie Pwerle soon attracted a large following, holding her first solo exhibition in Melbourne in 2000. Her knowledge of and her spiritual connection to the land is clearly evident in all her paintings. Minnie Pwerle continued to paint until she died in March 2006. Her paintings are held in many overseas institutional and private collections as well as the major art galleries in Australia.