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Acrylic on Linen 120 x 180 cm

Cat.No: KW9

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This is the fire stick called Pakup Yallandar. It’s used for starting a fire by causing friction.

Kurun says: "What I like about this painting is there is a meaningful similarity between the fire and the sunset. Same colours. Same calming effect. Colours of the sunset and the fire are the most marvellous colours to have in your mind before sleep.

There are five in my family, but there are six fire sticks. I put an extra fire stick in to represent the wonderful animals in my life that bring me so much joy."


Kurun Warun was born 1966 in Queensland is from the Gunditjmara tribe. He is a very friendly, well travelled contemporary Aboriginal artist who paints his stories in an excitingly refreshing way. He is a celebrity artist, dancing for Bill Clinton's daughter, was invited to a private party of Oprah and some of his paintings are owned by collectors and institutions around the world to mention only Michael Shumacher, the Prime Minister of Turkey, Sultan Indris Shah of Selangor, the Netherland Embassy, CHOGM, the Vatican and numerous others. Kurun Warun visits our Gallery when he finds time in his busy schedule painting. He is very much in demand being one of the most popular young and upcoming artists. He is happy to tell his stories, he is not only a great painter but also an accomplished didgeridoo player and dancer. He has performed in places like Italy and Korea and played a role as early as year 2000 in the Sydney Olympic games as a traditional artist. As with many Aboriginal artists he was taught and encouraged by his mother and due to his personal strenghts and determination he developed in an international star.