Campsite Dreaming

This painting is stretched over a wooden frame and delivered ready to hang on your wall saving you time and money to have it done locally. The price charged for the painting includes all additional expenses for stretching, packaging and shipping. 


Does apply for deliveries to an Australian address. To overseas locations we ship artworks rolled into a cylinder.



Debra Nangala McDonald was born in 1969 at Papunya some 300 km’s north/east of Alice Springs. She has lived at Haasts Bluff and at present resides in Adelaide. Debra worked closely with her sister in law Mitjili Napurrula a very popular and well published indigenous artist who passed away in 2019. She visited our gallery in 2017 and spent some time in our Studio to paint her stories. 

Debra usually uses traditional colours and often combines black, red and white as well as other earthy colours to tell the age old stories from her family’s ancestry.

Painting her stories, the artist has also built on the legacy of her grandfather Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi with paintings that refer to his country south of Lake MacDonald. These stories include the Goanna Love story, which shows the circular mounds of sand around the burrows of the goanna and which refers both to the spirits of ancestors, the goanna as well as to the hunters who seek out the nests.