Cloud, Water, Fire, Bush, Earth
Acrylic on Linen
120 x 150 cm
Cat.No: 1031

The 5 panels will be delivered stretched and ready to hang to any Australian address. Price is all inclusive.

William King died in 2008

William considered himself an urban Aboriginal artist. He created images from a broader spectrum of Aboriginal art styles. William has been given media coverage in various News Papers and Periodicals and his paintings have been sold to a local as well as an international clientele.

He was born in 1966 in Katherine, in the Northern Territory of Australia. He is from the Gurindji and Wanyi tribes and his skin name is Jungala. From a young age, Bill (William) has shown an interest in art and was always sketching his ideas on paper.

In 1993 William was selected to exhibit in "The Gallery of Greater Victoria", in Bristish Columbia, Canada.

William considered himself an urban Aboriginal artist and created images from a broader spectrum of Aboriginal art styles. He called his paintings, earth, water, cloud, fire, bush and desert and earth images. He painted riverbeds as seen from an aerial perspective and showed the winding of the river that snakes its way through the land. Often he included campsites because they represent an important part of Aboriginal history. In traditional aboriginal society people were nomadic and would live in one location for as long as the environment would sustain them. During this time the people would sit around campfires where food would be cooked and shared and stories would be told and recreated.

William King was the most promising young and upcoming urban Indigenous artist I ever met and I can say that we both learned from each other. I worked closely with him for the first 5 years of my adventure into Aboriginal art. I sold many hundreds of his paintings  and looked forward to a bright future working together with him.

Unfortunately, - life, reality and pressures took over and William at the end selected to work with somebody else. He died shortly after in 2008. He left behind two beautiful daughters who carry on painting their fathers dreamings'.