Visiting Boomerang Art Gallery

You may visit Boomerang Art Gallery during regular opening hours or at any time by prior appointment. Find out about regular opening hours on Google.

Our Gallery is small with a limited display. However, all paintings of our 20 plus year collection are available for viewing. If not stretched they are stored rolled into tubes.

Werner will assist you in finding the piece you love while you sit in our lounge and view our collection on a large screen. Once you have selected the painting you love Werner will show you the original so you can make a considered decision whether to purchase the painting or not.

You may take the painting(s) you buy with you rolled into a tube, ask to have them mailed to your home address free of any charge or to have them stretched and ready to hang send to your place of residence. Stretching comes at an additional cost which for smaller and medium size paintings is displayed on our website. The price displayed includes not only the cost for stretching but also the additional expense for packaging and shipping.

All of our paintings are in its original condition. It is for this reason that we do not allow visitors to handle paintings or have them provided on consignment for exhibitions or other galleries.

Please note that we do not negotiate on price. We ensure there is always a large variety of substantially discounted paintings available to select from.