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Visit Alice March 2023

The purpose of this trip was to re-connect and to visit the graves of two artists who worked with us on and off for more than 25 years. Both without doubt have been the most successful Utopia artists. When Barbara died I was still recovering after an Open Heart Surgery coming out of the ICU. Being able to travel again I wanted to visit in particular her grave to remember our time working together and to show respect to her family. I remember Barbara for the entire period I did have the privilege to know her. She lived and worked tirelessly to advance her family and she was very successful in this given that her daughters Teresa and Charmaine and her son Freddy are well known artists in their own right.  Barbara was a fighter, for her kids and her extended family and I always admired her for her courage. Her understanding of the Art Trade helped her to succeed. She helped all gallery owners by protecting her unique style of painting and she understood that it requires a lot of funds to run successfully a gallery without government funding. An understanding many politicians have not managed to realize. They only wonder why most galleries closed their doors.

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