Two Dogs Dreaming
Acrylic on Linen
91 x 152 cm
Cat.No: Y039
The owners of this Dreaming are Nampijinpa/Nangala women and Jampijinpa/Jangala men. The story of the Two Dogs Dreaming relates to the land adjacent to a windmill at Warlarlarla (Rabbit Flat) in the Western Desert of Australia. Two dog ancestors, Jampijinpa and Napangardi, travelled along a creek bed north-east to Yarikurlangu . When they arrived, Jampijinpa and Napangardi made a burrow to rest in and started a big family of dogs. The ribcages of the Jampijinpa, Napangardi and their family can be seen as features in the landscape in the Yarikurlangu area, and have been depicted in this work. Surrounding these prominent symbols, Nampijipa has depicted several waterholes in the Yarikurlangu district.