Iwantja Soakage
Acrylic on Linen
91 x 122 cm
Cat.No: 10027

Julie in her paintings captures the intensity and power of the country where the Iwantja Tjukitji (Iwantja Soakage) is located, and which holds the story of the native owl.

Julie was born in the cool waters of the Iwantja creek, next to this large Soakage. The area is shaded by large gum trees, and the banks of the creek nestle close to large boulders.


As a child she and her family lived here in a hand-built shelter. Yankunytjatjara families played in the creek waters and drank from the soakage. The water gave vitality and life to the area, and provided a cool place for the families to live during the hot summers.
This special Soakage is where the Indulkana community first began. This place also holds the Dreaming of the Native Owl who travelled across the desert and came to live in a large gum tree by the creek, to watch over the Anangu and keep them safe.
Julie works with Iwantja Arts located within the remote Indigenous community of Indulkana.