Lindsay Bird No 6210 Utopia Aboriginal Artist
Lindsay Bird No 6210 Utopia Aboriginal Artist

Lindsay Bird

Campsite Dreaming
Cat. No. 6210
Acrylic on Linen, Year 2008
60 x 60 cm (24" x 24")
AUD 1,199
The stories Lindsay depicts in his contemporary paintings tell about life in the endless desert of Central Australia. To find water and food meant the difference between life and death for the people of this country and Lindsay showed me a number of rock holes with underground water in an otherwise bare and dry part of his country. In his paintings we see motifs of concentric circles (waterholes and rock holes) and meandering lines (trails of ancestors) between them. There are paintings that tell of the creation of the water and rock holes in the 'dream time' and other works speak of bush foods that were gathered in the area surrounding the water places. By discussing the artists paintings one realises the deep knowledge, traditions and mythology which continue to inform his images today.